STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.
Data Protection Policy

Your data
This policy is for all active, renewing and new members of STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. (hereafter referred to simply as "STARFLEET"); it applies to the processing and storage of your personal data by STARFLEET. Your data is retained in the STARFLEET Member's Database (database), in the STARFLEET Academy database and in other STARFLEET site databases with reasonable use and control to your data as outlined in this document.

Use of your data during your application to join STARFLEET
As a new applicant to join STARFLEET, you consent to the processing, retention and sharing of your personal data (see Data Index, below) for the purpose of applying for membership and providing required, and perhaps optional, data to allow STARFLEET the ability to send membership materials or other communications as necessary. You can withdraw your consent and request erasure of your data at any time by notifying Membership Processing or any member of the Executive Committee and submitting a ticket with the STARFLEET Helpdesk.

Use of your data as an active or renewing member of STARFLEET
As an active or renewing member of STARFLEET, your data will be retained and shared by officers of the organization for the reasonable purpose of managing your membership. Officers can include, but are not limited to, the President (CO) or Vice-President (XO) of your local chapter, the Regional Coordinator of your Region and certain members of his/her staff, and the Executive Committee members. Reasonable purposes can be but are not limited to:

Data Retention
Your personal data is retained in perpetuity by STARFLEET while your membership remains active. When your membership has expired, in the absence of an immediate request for deletion, your data will be retained in the database for five (5) years for the only purpose of a possibility of your return. As an expired member, you are not included in communications, are removed from email lists and groups and are protected from unauthorized use.

Data Storage
Your personal data used for STARFLEET's Member Database and other sites (STARFLEET Academy, the website, etc.) is stored in STARFLEET's databases supporting each of those sites which, at this time, are wholly located in the United States.

Site Cookies
The STARFLEET sites use cookies for various tracking of logins, sessions and other things. Further, we use third party applications such as WordPress and Moodle that have their own usage of cookies as well. Where possible and within our control, we do not use cookies for the storage of private data.

Opting Out
You may withdraw your consent and request that we stop storage and use of your data by STARFLEET upon request. Note that this means a full termination of your membership with STARFLEET. Continued membership in STARFLEET involves a continued consent to storage and use of your private data.

Data Index
The STARFLEET Member Database collects and retains the data listed here for each member - this list includes all data kept per member and not just personal/private data. Note that data is marked as "Required," "Optional," and "Internal."

Note that this list is the data kept by the Membership database. The STARFLEET Academy and various other sites collect just a few of these same data items.

Family Memberships and data
STARFLEET offers family memberships which allow a primary member (the "head of household") to add family members to their membership. When doing so, the only data required is the additional member's name and email. Other data is optional or, for example the address, is set the same as the primary member's.

Minor's Private Data
A minor is defined as any member under the age of 16 for the purposes of this data policy. A minor is normally added as a member into an adult's membership as a family member. As described above, a minor's personal data is also collected and is also subject to the same retention period as previously described. Should a primary member or parent not wish to have a minor's data held by STARFLEET, the member must remove or request removal of this data from the database. As described previously, this will serve to remove the target minor from active membership in STARFLEET.

Elections and Third Party Data Access
Every three years, STARFLEET holds an election that allows the members to vote on the next Commander, STARFLEET (President) for the ensuing term. A list of all active members' names and addresses (only the primary member) are sent to a third party vendor who creates and mails the ballots and then receives them and tallies them and returns the results to the STARFLEET election officials. This vendor is evaluated and selected for each election by the Inspector General's office and the information on the vendor is made available to the membership at that time.

PayPal and data
STARFLEET uses PayPal for payment processing. The system sends invoice data and the database ID only to the vendor.

Other Third Party Data Access
STARFLEET will not give or sell your private data to any person or entity outside of STARFLEET without the approval of the Admiralty Board. This approval must be in writing, providing the name of the person or entity receiving authorization, the date the approval was granted, and, if the authorization is for a limited time, the start and end dates. The only exception to this policy is in the event the information is being provided by a member of the International Staff while performing their appointed duties, pursuant to this document and/or the Bylaws, or while ensuring the daily operations of the organization are being performed. In all cases, the membership must be informed ahead of time, when possible, and the member has the right to reasonably opt-out.

Access to Your Data
Some members of STARFLEET are granted elevated access rights to member information in order for them to carry out their job responsibilities. Those members are expressly prohibited from using, retaining for personal use or providing any other party or entity with member information for purposes other than their specific job requires. Any member with elevated access rights to member information who are found to have misused member information may be subject to disciplinary measures as deemed necessary and appropriate pursuant to the STARFLEET Membership Handbook. The matter may also be referred to the appropriate civil or criminal authorities.

Date of Birth Required Case
Your DoB data will always be optional for minors and members not in staff positions. However, certain positions within STARFLEET have age limits and your DoB data will be required to remain on record in STARFLEET's records to provide proof of eligibility.

Loss or breech event
In the event of an external breach of information STARFLEET will, as deemed necessary and appropriate, contact our third-party vendors to determine the nature and severity of the breach and may choose to contact the appropriate authorities to resolve the incident. A full report of the incident will be provided the Admiralty Board. Members may be contacted to advise them of the matter as deemed necessary and appropriate by the President of STARFLEET or their representative.

In the event of an internal breach of information STARFLEET will, as deemed necessary and appropriate, conduct an internal investigation of the matter in order to determine the best course of to address the incident. A full report of the incident will be provided to the Admiralty Board. The President of STARFLEET shall contact the Chief of Information Services to temporarily suspend the access rights to electronic records and/or require physical records to be returned to the President pending the outcome of actions, if any, by the Admiralty Board and/or Executive Committee.

Members may be contacted to advise them of the matter as deemed necessary and appropriate by the President of STARFLEET or their representative.

Data Protection Officer
The duties of a Data Protection Officer will be a collateral duty assigned to the sitting Chief of Computer Operations.

Rev. 201909-03